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 PC-SHERIFF 2000 Features

PC-SHERIFF 2000 Client

The PC-SHERIFF 2000 client is a software application that is  setup onto each PC that requires PC-SHERIFF 2000 protection. The PC-SHERIFF 2000 Client is the only application that is required to be  installed on stand-alone PC's or PC's that do not require remote network  management capabilities.  For large networks that require remote  administration your organization may use the PC-SHERIFF 2000 ClientManager  Console (RMC).


Your Complete Windows System Restore Solution

Windows System Restore can only restore Windows "System  Files" and "Some" Program files.  PC-SHERIFF 2000 functions at the sector  level of the hard drive and restores every bit of data - in essence  making your PC a virtual time-machine. See how PC-SHERIFF 2000  compares to Windows System Restore


Your Daily Continuous Backup Solution

PC-SHERIFF 2000 reduces the dependancy for daily backups or  carrying duplicate images of hard drives. It is different from  backups in that it allows you to take continuous backup  snapshots of your system silently in the background while using  minimal system resources. Each backup snapshot take only 2 to 3  seconds.  PC-SHERIFF 2000 allows users and/or administrators to create a  “snapshot” of the entire system at a specific time or on a fixed  schedule (hourly, daily etc).  You can take as many snapshots as you  would like and you can roll-back and roll-forward from any snapshot at  any time...


Your Software Uninstaller

PC-SHERIFF 2000 allows users to safely test software,  security updates and more. When you take a snapshot prior to installing  any software or critical update etc. - PC-SHERIFF 2000 recognizes how your  hard drive is composed at the bit level prior to the  installation/update.  If you are unhappy with the installation you can  safely uninstall all components with a few mouse clicks.  PC-SHERIFF 2000  guarantees 100% bit level recovery - translating to absolute uninstallation of any  software quickly and easily.


Day Zero Protection & Disaster Recovery  Solution

PC-SHERIFF 2000 is designed to protect both the user and PC  from accidental user errors and day-zero attacks. Without restricting  the users’ activities, PC-SHERIFF 2000 will transparently take system  snapshots on a schedule that you configure for your system. If a virus,  malware or even *BSoD occurs – You can restore your system  up-to-the-minute of the system crash. With no data loss. Making PC-SHERIFF 2000 the only Day Zero disaster  recovery solution that can guarantee no data loss, even if Windows  is unbootable.


Enterprise Level Network Administration

PC-SHERIFF 2000 offers an additional Enterprise version of PC-SHERIFF 2000 - enabling administrators to configure all of the PC-SHERIFF 2000 client installations over a enterprise level  remote management console. Simplifying the workload of the network  administrator while providing all client-based functions on a remote  console.


PC-SHERIFF® 2000 Highlights

PC-SHERIFF 2000 significantly reduces PC trouble shooting,  repairing and restoring time to seconds!  Empowering both home users and  enterprise IT support personnel to achieve tremendous savings of time  and money on maintaining their computers.

 - PC-SHERIFF 2000 doesn’t impact performance

 - Can be remotely managed and deployed (ClientManager 2000)

 - PC-SHERIFF 2000™ only takes 0.1% of total hard disk  space.

 - Supports virtually unlimited snapshots.

 - Takes less than 3 seconds to create a new  snapshot.

 - Creates a complete system snapshot without  restarting the system.

 - Create new snapshots manually, automatically or  upon file execution.

 - Recovers corrupted or deleted files from any  snapshots easily and quickly.

 - Revert file histories from any of the 60,000  snapshots.

 - Restores a completely crashed system to any  snapshot in seconds.

 - Restores a completely crashed system with data up  to the second of crash.

 - Restores entire system to any of the 60,000  snapshots.

 - Restores system to any snapshot with data  synchronization.

 - Configure the system to automatically restore to a  snapshot of your choice.

 - Highly configurable interface - hide program  interface from end users.

 - Dynamic disk space management - disk space is  recovered upon snapshot deletion.

 - Intelligent disk space monitoring - informing  users of disk space usage of each snapshot.

 - Offers flexible and powerful access control.

 - Supports Multi-boot systems and VM Ware.

 - Consists of multi-partition protection  selection.

 - Incorporates quick reset of system baseline.

 - Offers detailed program operation logging.

 - Supports all industry standard deployment  options.

 - Provides completely hands-free, silent background  installations.

 - Includes configuration during installation.  Customizes the program upon installation.

 - And more PC-SHERIFF 2000 features...l


PC-SHERIFF easy delivers Automated computer maintenance - Ideal for  PAC's (Public Access Computer environments), classrooms and internet  kiosks...
PC-SHERIFF easy's protection is invisible; users feel as though they  have absolute control of the system. Regardless of what they may attempt  to do, including erasing files, installing software or even modifying  registry settings, the computers will restore to their configured  baseline settings everytime they are restarted, when a user logs-off or  one any schedule (daily or weekly). Making the workstations perfectly  configured and available for the next user.


With PC-SHERIFF easy you can:

Restore on Reboot
Restore on Log-off
Restore on Idle PC (no PC  activity)
Restore on an hourly schedule
Restore on a Daily schedule
Restore Daily on first startup of day
Restore on a Weekly schedule
Automatically accept OS and Anti virus updates
Keep important data using "Immune Space"
Block access to CD ROM and USB ports
PC-SHERIFF easy integrates Reboot-and-Restore, a simple  technology designed to keep computers fully functional and optimally  configured. In addition to restoring on reboot, PC-SHERIFF easy can Restore on User Log-Off and can also maintain a safe "Freeze  Space" for file and data storage.
PC-SHERIFF easy PC Restore on Reboot or Log-off drastically reduces  computer maintenance, and is widely used to protect public access  computers, (ie. library public computers, school PC Labs, etc) or shared  computing environments where a workstation could be misused or damaged  either intentionally by a malicious user or accidentally by a learning  student.


Keep PC's Virus and Spyware free

Viruses and spy ware are the most common threats, and new infections  slip through the first lines of defense almost daily. In addition, users  can also cause unknowing damage by tampering with configuration  settings, by installing botched software - damaging the original  configuration to a point of no return.


Set Acceptable User Policies

Put in force AUP's by guaranteeing that only approved applications  are installed. When protected, PC-SHERIFF easy will not allow  configuration changes or installation of any applications to  remain on the workstations. This, in effect, blocks the installation of  most illegal or unauthorized software. In addition version 9.0  introduces a new feature that blocks access to CD ROM and USB  ports - Preventing the use of external applications,  rootkits or data heisting.


Enhance The Computing Experience

PC-SHERIFF easy ensures workstation performance is at optimal levels by  removing website cookies, spyware, temp files viruses and unnecessary  plug-ins; which cause system bottlenecks. Any infections to a  "immunized" system are instantly eradicated - workstations are reverted  back to their original configuration on every restart or  user log-off. Because PC-SHERIFF easy does not restrict access and is  transparent to users - Users feel as though they have complete control  of the machine; enhancing the end user's computing experience.


Immune Space - Persistent Storage Space

Administrators, can create a "Immune space" - a  virtual drive space in order to save files for permanent storage. This  enables computer users to save files and folders for permanent storage,  keeping them exempt from the restoration process. This integrated Immune  Space (virtual-drive) has been implemented in our latest  release of PC-SHERIFF easy Version 9 edition.

Remote Control - Manage PC's from anywhere

The PC-SHERIFF easy RMC (Remote Management Console) is a complimentary  utility that is delivered to all clients that require remote management  capabilities of thier PC-SHERIFF easy PC installations. The PC-SHERIFF easy RMC solution delivers a complete client-server based network  management solution for PC-SHERIFF easy PC client installations - Enabling  administrators to easily perform remote tasks on their client PC's.