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Email Archiving Software From The Experts

See how Mailstore turns the chores of legal compliance and best practice backup strategies into a high speed search tool


Backup With Benefits

Love or loath email, your company's electronic mail has become vital business documentation. Today the simple logic of archiving your backups has been transformed into current (and future) legal obligations as well.


Archiving on autopilot

There is however, some good news to all this. While other companies have jumped in haste to add "email archiving software" to their product lineup, we've quietly continued improving on the world's favorite, Mailstore.

As specialists in email archiving we've always taken the longer route, with software engineering to save your time and money, not ours.


The difference does show. Here's why:

The Mailstore Difference

The primary distinction you'll notice when you start using Mailstore is that it is independent of any external database. Instead we've developed our own version of fast and proven technology. This gives you three distinct benefits:

The first is raw speed. Mailstore's advanced search system is almost unbelievably fast. It is actually around 600% quicker for an employee to search their personal archive than to search their live account. No need to ask anybody, no need to restore anything, it's just there, and fast.

Notice we say "their"? The second benefit of Mailstore's technology is that each user account has an index auto-created, meaning there are effectively no scaling limits. With 10 users or 10,000 users, search results return within a split second. This means that no matter how large your enterprise may grow you won't be jumping out of a sluggish mail server, just to land in an even slower archive server. Instead you get the best of both worlds; a fast mail server, even faster searching.


That leads us to the third big benefit:

Faster Yet More Affordable

Mailstore's built-in database system means you do not have to purchase or maintain any additional hardware. Not one box or cable extra and certainly not an extra CPU.

Your savings don't stop there, for our technology also saves you the ongoing cost of licensing additional software as "virtual hardware", such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle, that other software solutions depend upon.

Bottom line, Mailstore can be your archiving solution for a one-time investment, saving you thousands of dollars per year. And it's faster.

Snappy performance, scalability and a modest investment make the headlines but you will find every detail of Mailstore reflects its status. From the excruciatingly detailed 125 page manual (you'll rarely need to look at it) to our seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, you will continue to notice the Mailstore difference, long into the future.


Accessible And Flexible

We offer 3 easy means of searching and accessing your archives on the fly, with no need to "restore" anything:


Elegant integration with Microsoft Outlook

Instant search results, right in Outlook itself, for reference or re-sending but still legally archived to prevent editing. Mailstore can also be used with other mail clients such as Thunderbird.


Web Browser

Wish to avoid installing any software other than your administrator's centralized control panel? Mailstore users can access their archives directly over your local network via browser, with Microsoft Internet Explorer offering the most features. Handy if you need your own archives while away from your desk. There's even a version for a LAN-connected iPhone.

You do not need to choose which system to use; all are available, all of the time.


Without Any Risks

There is no need to make any changes to your current server configuration, which completely removes the usual risks (and headaches) of adding such an important component.

The filing structure ensures backup to external media is simple and logical, avoiding any single massive (and therefore problematic) file, regardless of your organization's growth.

You can also burn to media directly within the application, including non-properiety formats such as MSG or EML, for long term peace of mind. Restoring directly into your original mail server, or a new one, is also just a couple of clicks away.

In short, Mailstore can be installed on a single PC connected to your network. From there, with no changes or risk to your current system and with nothing else to buy, configure or license, it will archive your email for you.

Incoming and outgoing, plus all your old emails, archived on autopilot. Email archiving has never been easier. Or faster.


Benefits In Brief


  • True cost of ownership is lower
  • Fast, intuitive access and search for users
  • Covers you for legal obligations regarding storage requirements and eDiscovery precepts
  • Permanent load reduction for e-mail servers
  • Reduction of storage costs and administrative overhead
  • Independence from Outlook's "PST" files
  • Effective protection against data loss
  • Fast and easy backups


Archive Your Email Today, Right Now?

Yes, you really can. Just download your free trial, click "install" and relax.

Within the next few hours, without needing any other software or hardware, you will be covered legally, provide your staff with fast, reliable search at their fingertips, have a powerful central control panel, reduce the load on your mail server and save money. That's the Mailstore difference.